Network of Academics with Disabilities and Chronic Conditions

We are Chronically Academic, a network of academics with disabilities and chronic conditions. We welcome members across all academic disciplines. Our aim is to create a network of mutual support and resources for academics with disabilities and chronic conditions and to raise public awareness for our cause. Our team members all have personal experiences with disabilities and/or chronic conditions. We aim to help others with practical advice in finding concrete solutions to the issues they are facing and to share our own experiences. Most of us are early career researchers; however, we look forward to and encourage supporting and mentoring more advanced academics.

Besides peer support, we are also working to offer an overview of useful resources and to establish a formal mentoring network for academics with disabilities and chronic conditions. We hope to promote a societal attitude shift towards disabled academics. We believe that the current academic system needs to be transformed in order to achieve proportionate employment of academics with disabilities.

Get in Touch with the Network

Whenever you are looking for support, want to know how others in your particular situation dealt with similar issues or just need to vent, you can contact our advice team, consisting of Katta & Hazel via advice[at]  We value your privacy and other than those two no one else will see your message without your explicit consent.

If you would like to join our network or you are an academic who would like to share your experiences of disability or chronic illness by writing for our blog, please use joinus[at]

For all other queries please use contact[at]


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